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2011 goals.

1. Go on an emoticon diet! It gets annoying, even to myself, but it’s so dang hard to stop! Plus, I feel like I sound slightly less excited or nice if I don’t use them. Must work on this! Starting…… now!

2. Join an online book club.

3. Start attending local meetups for my business interests.

4. Become the most awesome person alive. Jk. Not really.

5. Continue working out for at least 4 days a week. 5-6 on good weeks. I have a Rush membership which is on my way home, a gym at work, and P90X at home. No excuses.

6. Express my opinions more and not be as passive.

7. Be a better listener, and try to help people solve their problems.

8. Be more consistent with my son’s routines.

9. Stop impulse buying.

10. Learn to say no when I can’t fit something into my budget. Even if it’s telling a close friend I can’t attend a get-together he/she is having.

11. Start creating my own design projects, not just paid projects for other people. That becomes a vicious cycle that’s hard to break. Time to break it, and build the portfolio.

12. Be more active in the community.

13. Do more advertising for my company.

14. Start moisturizing my face more often.

15. Start refinishing that furniture!

16. Spell check my spastic typing.

There! I think that’s plenty! Feel free to steal any of these goals for your own list. ( I soooooo want to put a smiley here, but I will refrain.)