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Fun Internet Finds

Today’s post is a collection of fun, random things I’ve seen on the internet this week that I love, whether it be artwork, furniture, a product, etc. These all inspire in me in one way or another.



Giant Cross-Stitch artwork. How cool is this?


I pretty much love anything and everything that’s made from felt. It just looks and feels so warm & cozy. And these colors are great.


These little chicken eggs are so cute! What a cute Easter idea.


This towel is designed by a company called HAM. Launched last summer, the entire line follows “unexpected moments” from the lives of a pig, horse and rabbit. So cute!


I really want this leash for my dog.

And all of these….


This image is from Trendy Traveler’s blog.  “This blog is dedicated to anyone who wants to explore, but lacks the resources to.”

This photo really makes me want to run away to the beach, like today.


And I’m off to have a picnic with my little boy! He told me this morning that “Momma, I have a good idea. We need to have more picnics!” Our weather today is sunny and in the 60’s, so I can’t say no to that! (and we aren’t able to run off to the beach today, so we will settle for a nice picnic at the park.) Have a great weekend!