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My 2011 Non Goals.

I stole this idea from Design for Mankind. I thought it was really cute.

So, the idea behind my non-goals is to not discredit myself for the good things I’ve already been doing, and to make myself aware of these things, so I continue to do them. So here goes…

1. Don’t stop trying to cuddle with Brekyn. He gets annoyed with me when I try to love on him & kiss him (he’s grown out of it), but I won’t give up.

2. Don’t stop with efforts for Shauhn Caughron Design. So far, with the introduction of Twitter and my Facebook page, I’ve added a good number of followers, and hopefully some type of awareness to the work I do.

3. Don’t forget that I DO enjoy the work I do, regardless of pitfalls.

4. Do keep making time for friends, no matter how busy I am.

5. Do keep taking as many freelance jobs as possible and keep that good rapport with clients.

6. Do keep working on the house, bits at a time, at a budget-friendly pace. And don’t lose stamina.

7. Keep working on focus and time management.