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Ways to Stay Creative!

So, when you are a designer, artist, photographer, etc, etc, etc, you HAVE to figure out how to keep a fresh look, and how to start a new project from scratch. Very rarely, it’s easy, like 10% of the time. And sometimes a client knows exactly what they want to see, so you’re just visualizing what they are imagining. The rest of the time, it’s up to you to use your right brain to come up with something that looks good, fits what the client needs and is fresh and creative.

Each week, hopefully on Saturdays, I’ll post a few ideas for staying “creative”. I have collected lists and lists of these things, and have some of my own tips as well.

1. Reboot yourself. Take a few minutes alone to soak in a bath (or if you’re a guy, maybe sit on the porch & drink a beer or something else manly), not think about anything in particular, take a few deep breaths, and relax. I don’t do this one often enough, but sometimes I have, and it makes me feel so much better that I can then sit down and create something pretty good.

2. Make lists. I am finding this to help me a LOT. I’ve been using this daily “to-do” list and wow, the difference it makes it amazing. Since I work from home, it’s been keeping me in check pretty well. I use this website for to-dos, as welI. I use this form for my daily cleaning, so I don’t get behind on it. Lists may seem tedious or like such a simple thing, but they really help me, personally, to keep my mind, as well as the closet, free of clutter.

3. Go for a bike ride. I’ve been making use of the bike rack someone at work gave me a long time ago, and taking my 5-year old to the nearby church “greenway” on nice days. We’ve had a LOT of them this winter and we haven’t taken them for granted. The feeling you get from riding a bike is just “freeing”. The fresh air hitting you in the face, getting your heartbeat going… I hadn’t really gotten on a real bicycle since around high school, and I forgot how nice it feels.

4. Take breaks. One thing creative people forget is to take breaks. It seems so simple, but sometimes I spend hours at the computer without getting up from it, and wonder why I can’t come up with anything. Breaks.are.needed.

5. Listen to new music. Or to old music. Just listen to some music. This one speaks for itself.

If you have any to add, please do!