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Fun Pinterest Finds
Fun Pinterest Finds

These are my fave design-related Pinterest finds for the week. There were so many good things that I had to cut some out! Enjoy!

Drool-worthy. (And I am talking about the design. )

This pattern and these colors. Ahhh. I love it. I also love the texture created by the paper and watercolor.

Hello Beautiful Design.

Kind of […]

Color Trends for Spring 2012
Color Trends for Spring 2012

Mmmm, I love color.
Pantone is the expert on color. They are always on top of the newest, up and coming trendiest colors. So, let’s see what’s up over at Pantone.
“Consumers look to spring for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.
These new […]

What is Typography?
What is Typography?

Typography 101
Jk. Well, kind of.
I get a lot of questions about what exactly “graphic design” is. One essential piece of graphic design is a thing called “typography”. Some sort of typography (whether good or bad) is evident in every piece of graphic design.
• Typography can be beautiful, and typography can be ugly.

My Design-Related Pinterest Finds
My Design-Related Pinterest Finds

It’s no secret that I love Pinterest. Pinterest inspires me to an invaluable degree. I don’t know how I lived without it, really.
These are my {inspirational} Pinterest finds for the week.

These are so well done. Nicely “western” enough, but still simple and clean.

I want this for my home office.

I mean, this just so effectively shows […]


What is branding?
A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combination or slogan. For example, Coca Cola is the name of a brand make by a particular company. The word branding started simply as a way to tell one person’s cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp. The […]

My 2011 Non Goals.
My 2011 Non Goals.

I stole this idea from Design for Mankind. I thought it was really cute.
So, the idea behind my non-goals is to not discredit myself for the good things I’ve already been doing, and to make myself aware of these things, so I continue to do them. So here goes…
1. Don’t stop trying to cuddle with […]

2011 goals.
2011 goals.

1. Go on an emoticon diet! It gets annoying, even to myself, but it’s so dang hard to stop! Plus, I feel like I sound slightly less excited or nice if I don’t use them. Must work on this! Starting…… now!
2. Join an online book club.
3. Start attending local meetups for my business interests.
4. Become […]

Pretty stuff. (on a Monday morning)
Pretty stuff. (on a Monday morning)

I love this calendar! It’s so hand-made, natural, and reminds me of my printmaking class days. Another beautiful Etsy find.

Find this calendar here:
Annnd, first thing this morning, I found this on Twitter and was instantly inspired:
This is the sneak peak of the home of photographer Kimberly Cornelison and her husband Alfie […]

Yay, finally got my Facebook p…

Yay, finally got my Facebook page up! It’s about time. Please suggest my page to friends or anyone looking for…

Need social media icons for your website?
Need social media icons for your website?

This is the perfect website for some really, really nice icons. The image shown below is of the official Droid icons.


white space .
white    space     .

Some are scared of white space. I know many a person whom fall into the “use up all that white space!” category. I think white space is great. Just look at the effects it can achieve…. If YOU are scared of white space, I hope you change your mind.
[Definitons of ‘white space’]
1. Whitespace is the […]