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Fun Pinterest Finds

These are my fave design-related Pinterest finds for the week. There were so many good things that I had to cut some out! Enjoy!

Drool-worthy. (And I am talking about the design. :) )


This pattern and these colors. Ahhh. I love it. I also love the texture created by the paper and watercolor.


Hello Beautiful Design.


Kind of want to make a piece of artwork like this and frame it. Today.


Great Icons. Consistent colors, use of transparency. & simple.


I LOVE these colors. They feel very vintage. And I love that font!


Letterpress invitations. I mean, how pretty & unique is this? If I ever get married again, I may have to go this route. I hope my future fianc will like hot pink! 😉


Scrumptious. I want this.


And another letterpress invitation. Just wow.