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Yay, finally got my Facebook p…

Yay, finally got my Facebook page up! It’s about time. Please suggest my page to friends or anyone looking for…

Website updated!
Website updated!

Whew, that took a while! Please check out my portfolio, especially the page titled “Birthday Party Graphics” under Portfolio. I love those little monsters!!

Design Plagarism
Design Plagarism

I have people ask from time to time what rules apply for copying another design, what needs to be changed, how much needs to be changed, and if you can get in legal trouble for using someone else’s design and changing part of it. I have always been told that if you change another design […]

Need social media icons for your website?
Need social media icons for your website?

This is the perfect website for some really, really nice icons. The image shown below is of the official Droid icons.


Caution: If you have someone build your website…
Caution: If you have someone build your website...

Just a MAJOR warning, if you have someone build you a website, and you do not get access info to the backend, you will be in trouble when it’s time to make any changes to the site. The backend of your website, where the files to your […]

Sources of Inspiration

I know first hand how frustrating it can be to be a designer and be completely stuck creatively. You sit, look, sketch, look some more, stumble, get mad at yourself, sit some more, sketch….. It can be very annoying. Usually someone is waiting for you, and wondering wtheck you can’t get the project done. I […]

white space .
white    space     .

Some are scared of white space. I know many a person whom fall into the “use up all that white space!” category. I think white space is great. Just look at the effects it can achieve…. If YOU are scared of white space, I hope you change your mind.
[Definitons of ‘white space’]
1. Whitespace is the […]



First and foremost, thanks for checking out my blog!
It’s brand spankin’ new.
I will be posting some crazy cool stuff on here, (but don’t hold me to it)  ;)  and hopefully, you will be able to learn more about me, my work, and find something useful to you.
I will post inspiration, ideas, articles, and pretty stuff. […]