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Caution: If you have someone build your website…


Just a MAJOR warning, if you have someone build you a website, and you do not get access info to the backend, you will be in trouble when it’s time to make any changes to the site. The backend of your website, where the files to your website live, must be accessed to edit and reload the files to your website. If you pay a developer to make your website and they don’t give you any backend info, and then you go later to have someone make changes to it, it’s impossible. You NEED to get the FTP login information from your website builder after they have completed your website, okay? Point taken?

I’m running into this issue with a client currently because they want their website updated. They have no way to access the original files and no way to contact the site builder, so in the end they may have to get someone to rebuild the entire site. (Much more labor and money involved) Eeeeeeek. : / This is a tragedy.

This is what it looks like when you are logging into the backend: