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Sources of Inspiration

I know first hand how frustrating it can be to be a designer and be completely stuck creatively. You sit, look, sketch, look some more, stumble, get mad at yourself, sit some more, sketch….. It can be very annoying. Usually someone is waiting for you, and wondering wtheck you can’t get the project done. I thought I would share my delicious bookmarked links that I often use for inspiration. Hopefully you will find something interesting for yourself! (A great resource for an graphic or web designer- tons of current, useful info – easy to navigate) (Free website templates, articles, forums, tutorials… ) (Creative current blog- Good stuff) (AWESOME & Creative Package Design website) (Great blog of a graphic designer) (Great blog of a graphic designer) (Before & After- “how to design cool stuff”- Easy to use & understand tutorials) (AMAZING photographic work) (Put in stuff that interests you and stumble around the WWW)

Just added:
This is famous graphic designer David Airey’s list of subscribed blogs.

There’s some for now! I’ll keep updating this as I find more cool stuff.